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Through Self Odyssey, I offer life coaching and Reiki services to clients in Los Angeles, California. My services are also available to anyone around the world. If you are 25 to 60 years old, leading a stressful life and needing a change of lifestyle, contact me today.

I can help you transform your life and achieve your dreams.

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One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is a form of development that can support you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal and even overcome limiting beliefs. This focuses on specific tasks or objectives. I provide training and guidance in this area. This is a fantastic resource to transform your life. It is powerful, dynamic, and designed to tap into your full potential.

Book your FREE consultation to get started.


Achieve the dream to transform your life. Workshops designed for people to dive deeper into their transformation with easiness and joy.


Join us in one of our workshops such as: Letting go of Judgment, Managing Stress, Living in abundance, Finding your path, etc.


Contact us for more information!

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